Hairy moments: Diary of an EU citizen in the UK (31)

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It all finished with a laugh. “I already have a jacket and spectacles like yours, Nando. Need to work a bit more on the curly hair though”, H. said enabling everyone around the table to take a breath and move on from the conversation. But how did we get there?…

The Brexit reading list: Diary of an EU citizen in the UK (30)

The morning that the university vice-chancellors saw on their desks the letter of the Tory MP Chris Heaton-Harris they could breathe a sigh of relief: for once it was not a FOI by the Guardian or UCU asking about their salaries. The MP for Daventry, a staunch Brexiteer, was not after their money. He only…

Citizens’ rights: update from Brexitland

The UK in a Changing Europe initiative has launched today a new Brexit factsheet series covering 10 essential issues affected by the Brexit negotiation. The Citizens’ Rights factsheet was written by Dr Nando Sigona together with Dr Michaela Benson, lead researcher of Brexit Brits Abroad project. Link to the factsheet:  

Who are the baddies? Diary of an EU citizen in the UK (29)

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Not a good start to my day. I’m on the train reading one of the many stories of EU nationals packing and leaving Britain. This time is a French woman, a mother and grandmother of UK-born children, who lives in the Canterbury district and feels forced out of the country –…