Bye bye Britain: call for participants

Are you a EU citizen formerly resident in the UK? Have you and your family left after the EU referendum? We would like to talk to you and hear your story. The kind of questions we would like to ask you are: Where did you move to? Did you settle OK? What about the other members of your family? How do you feel about Britain now?

Please contact us here if you are interested to find out more and talk to us. We will get in touch to arrange for an interview either in person or via Skype.


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  1. Nando Sigona says:

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    For Eurochildren we spoke with many parents who were considering to leave Britain because of Brexit, for many this has remained a plan. We now want to speak with some EU nationals who have actually left the country to find out about their experience of resettlement.


  2. laureom says:

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    EU citizens treated despicably by the Tory government, must continue to speak up. So many lives are torn upside down whether #EU27 are stuck in the UK or forced to flee the country. #Brexodus
    #SettledStatusOrdeal #HumanCostOfBrexit #InLimbo


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