Undocumented Germans? Diary of an EU citizen in the UK

Notes at the margin of the delivery of the Article 50 notification in Brussels.

Postcards from ...

I am in Brussels today, participating in a workshop organised by The Greens in the European Parliament. A few blocks away the British ambassador Sir Tim Barrow has just delivered the Article 50 notification signed by the British PM. My workshop is not about Brexit. I am here to discuss how EU’s responses to the refugee crisis are creating new forms of irregularity and precariousness for migrants and refugees. The workshop lasts until lunch time, at which point, after a quick look at the news, I decide to do my personal minute of silence – no one sees it, it is not my turn to speak anyway, but I want to mark the moment the letter has passed hand. I also decide that perhaps the topic of the workshop is not so unrelated, so I raise my hand in the Q&A and make a comment. What follows is a longer and…

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