The (Election) Times: Diary of an EU citizen in the UK

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I picked up a free copy of The Times before boardinga plane for New York this morning (25 April), not my newspaper of choice, but the choice was indeed very limited. “Yes Murdoch owns it but it is still a proper newspaper, not a tabloid”, I said to myself. Well, the language is more polished and the headlines marginally less shouty, but, as I quickly realised, one can tell the position of the newspaper on Brexit and the forthcoming election just by glancing at the front-page. Two headlines: Brussels to hit Britain with a €2 billion fine for custom fraud; Corbyn endorsed by two far-left organisations. Interestingly, while the emphasis in heading and subheading of the first piece is on yet another unreasonable demand from the EU that will impact on the Brexit negotiation, the body of the article (at page 6) reveals evidence of a ‘huge trade fraud’…

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