Who are the baddies? Diary of an EU citizen in the UK (29)

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Not a good start to my day. I’m on the train reading one of the many stories of EU nationals packing and leaving Britain. This time is a French woman, a mother and grandmother of UK-born children, who lives in the Canterbury district and feels forced out of the country – and away from her family – because of discrimination sparked by Brexit. I feel a mix of sadness and anger. While early on it was mostly stories of racism, now they talk of employers who refuse to appoint fully qualified EU nationals, banks that reject mortgages forcing EU nationals out of the housing market. Often they are presented as stories of discrimination, in breach of the law, but is this always the case? In other words, are instead employers and banks sticking to the letter of the law, perhaps especially rigidly? If yes, should we perhaps refocus our blame to…

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