“It’s about our fEUture!”: A photo-essay on the #PeoplesVoteMarch

Brexit is changing the future of Britain in ways no one can yet fully foresee, but what we already know is enough to cause mass anxieties among millions of people.

The consequences of the EU referendum are likely to be felt for generations to come. So it is no surprise that there were so many children and parents among the over one million demonstrators at the pro-EU/no-Brexit march on 23 March. Whatever the next few weeks hold for Britain and its residents, the march was a reminder that pro-EU sentiments are still strong and show no sign of retreat. The presence of many children and young people will keep it going for years to come.

Our researcher Marie Godin was there (with her family) too, here a selection of her photos.

All photos courtesy of Marie Godin, Eurochildren Research Fellow.

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